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lAs hijAs de fuller

I am Alicia Rechac, I studied architecture , I specialized in ephemeral structures and I am a circus artist .


After designing circus stage structures for various companies ( Malas Compañías, Berdiniki Zirko, Malicia !, Txitatoki Urdaibai ), I decided to officially undertake the studio “Las Hijas de Fuller” in 2019. Currently, I am working and receiving several design commissions from sets and structures for dance and circus companies, and ephemeral pieces.


I am based in Bilbao and Mallorca (Spain). I design, calculate, draw and I have worked with different construction companies to suggest more than one option for the execution of the pieces.

Ancla 1


As a circus artist, I founded the company Malicia! and Què diria Freud, and I peform for other companies such as “Rouge Elea”, “Norabide Guztiak” and “Mollis Physical Creation”.


Publication of the projects "Armed Latex" and "The shipyard" in the book "Games in Balance" of the Blanca i Lleó Teaching Unit.




I studied Superior Architecture in Madrid (ETSAM) where I got to know the world of the circus in parallel. One year in Bogota, studying at the University of Los Andes, complemented by workshops experimental design and structures.


Final Degree Project tutored by Manuel Ocaña. “The FITB and its footprint”: how an action with a temporary purpose (the FITB, a performing arts macro-festival) can leave a permanent footprint with another use (full and empty public space).

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